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summer electric assistance sea program


What is the SEA Program?

  • It is a pilot program limited to Mesa Electric Service Area customers only.
  • It is intended for electric customers with annual household income of less than $27,000 to assist with higher electric bills during the summer months.
  • Provides up to three months of summer electric assistance (July, August, and September use).
  • Provides max assistance of $12.10 per month, which is reflected in the August, September, and October bills.

How do I qualify and apply?

  • Applicants must live in the City of Mesa’s electric service area.
  • The utility bill account must be in the applicant’s name.
  • Applicant must be a full-time permanent resident at the dwelling where service is supplied.
  • Applicant must earn less than $27,000/year.
  • Complete and submit the application form.
    • Include income verification by providing one of the following:
      • Paycheck stub(s) for one month’s income,
      • Current bank statement demonstrating monthly income, or
      • Social Security Administration Statement of Income.
    • Completed form and supporting documentation can be emailed to, or mailed to SEA Program, Energy Resources Department MS 5030, PO Box 1466, Mesa, AZ 85211-1466.


  • Where do I get a copy of the application?
  • Where do I submit my completed application and required documentation?
    • Completed applications and accompanying documentation can be submitted to:
      SEA Program
      Energy Resources Department MS 5030
      PO Box 1466
      Mesa, AZ 85211-1466
  • How will I be notified regarding eligibility?
    • You will be notified by letter if you are or are not eligible for the pilot program. The City’s determination of eligibility is final.
  • I did not provide all the information required in the application, will I qualify?
    • No. Applications are required to be complete and supporting documentation is required so that eligibility requirements may be assessed.
  •  I turned in my application in November 2015. Can I get a credit?
    • No. Retroactive assistance for late applicants is not available.
  • Will there be another Summer Electric Assistance program next summer?
    • There is no guarantee of continued eligibility or availability beyond the 2015 summer pilot. However, there may be if the City elects to extend the pilot program in 2016.
  • I am not a City of Mesa electric customer, do I qualify?
    • No, you do not qualify for the City’s Summer Electric Assistance pilot program; however, if you are an SRP electric customer, they have a low-income rate program. For more information, call SRP at (602) 236–8888. Outside Phoenix area call (800) 258–4777.