Jeremy Whittaker and his wife, Roshana, believe in giving back to the community through various philanthropic endeavors. Over the years, they have donated to or participated in a variety of causes including:

  • Khan Academy – “I am a big supporter of Khan Academy and the organization’s dedication to providing a free education for anyone.”
  • HeatSync Labs“The importance of STEM and what it means for our future cannot be understated.”
  • Paz De Cristo“It’s important to serve others. We have to work together from every angle to solve homelessness.”
  • 1Mission“Jason Law with 1Mission is doing amazing work. They partner with people in poverty to promote home building in the barrios of poor countries. I have volunteered on multiple occasions with 1Mission and I could not be more proud to contribute to such a great organization.”
  • Co+hoots Foundation – Co+hoots Foundation is dedicated to creating equity through entrepreneurship. They are incredibly important to our community.”

  • Community Bridges – “Behavioral health is a serious issue right now, I believe.  An underestimated, 10-15% of soldiers return from war with PTSD. “  A letter from the CEO
  • United Food Bank“They distributed 23,197,530 pounds of food last year, 19,331,268 meals, and have over 203 partner agencies. $1 provides 4 meals to hungry children around the valley.”
  • Banner Health “My wife has worked for Banner Health for years.  Not only are they the largest employer in Arizona but they create quality jobs.”
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation of Arizona“I believe in the Make-a-Wish Foundation and its efforts to help kids with life-threatening illnesses see some of their dreams come true. I have contributed to many of their local programs.”
  • LISC Phoenix – “The initiative by LISC to get the Artspace project into Mesa will help transform the city to find its new identity.  I applaud the city for donating the land.”
  • World Vision“World Vision is a great cause.  I think it’s the humble people of our community that  don’t even realize how much they inspire you.  I see a friend,  Rusty,  running miles every day to bring attention to the water crisis in Africa.  This is truly a great guy without a personal agenda and we should all aspire to be more like him.”
  • Salvation Army“My family has been personally affected by drug and alcohol abuse. As a result, I recognize the Salvation Army as an excellent resource for helping these people get back on their feet.”
  • American Heart Association“A great program that, among other things, draws attention to proper nutrition and helps fight childhood obesity.”
  • Save the Family Foundation of Arizona“I wanted to figure out a way to see what the people of Mesa thought was the best non-profit organization. In that, I posted a video and we donated $1,000 to Save the Family Foundation of Arizona.” Child Crisis AZ – “Just reading their mission statement tells you everything about their organization.” 
    “To provide Arizona’s children a safe environment, free from abuse and neglect, by creating strong and successful families.”
    Child Crisis AZ