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$100 million handout to ASU by Mesa Mayor is just wrong

$100 million handout to ASU by Mesa Mayor on middle class is just wrong There’s a ton of misinformation going around regarding the new downtown ASU project that I wanted to take the time to address. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this issue but not to their own facts. The issues I will …

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23% Tax Increase

Why I do not support the Mesa Question 1 which is a massive 23% tax hike My opponent supports raising Mesa sales tax by 23%.  This must be approved by voters and will be on the November ballot.  There are primarily three reasons why I do not support raising the Mesa sales tax from 1.75% …

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Is the PSPRS Pension Bankrupting Mesa and Other Municipalities?

Who’s watching out for our public safety workers?  Is the PSPRS pension bankrupting Mesa and other municipalities? Why are none of the politicians and leaders of PSPRS watching out for the beat cop and firefighter who risk their lives every day to protect us?  Our leadership has bankrupt their pension and it’s time to investigate …

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